Wellcome to JGlobalDateTime site!

If you are looking for information about JGlobalDateTime, this is the correct place.

What about JGlobalDateTime?

JGlobalDateTime is a Java library that eases the comparation, transmission, conversion and storage of zoned datetime formats. It’s small footprint make this library ideal to be used in mobile projects (Android).

JGlobalDateTime uses the point of view that an instant is the same regardless of the place in the world from which it is observed and that most of the problems occur when comparing instants from different points of reference.

JGlobalDateTime normalizes datetimes by using a common reference point in all its internal operations. In this way, dates can be displayed in any time zone but can be compared, transformed or stored in any other, without changes, at any time and in a transparent way for the user.

If you are in a hurry

Don’t wait, download the latest release of JGlobalDateTime in the following links. There are two different versions:

  • jglobaldatetime-2.2-with-dependencies.jar that includes all dependencies in a single bundle just to be used in your project.
  • jglobaldatetime-2.2.jar this is the same library but does not include the dependencies. Use this if you are using a project builder (maven, gradle…) that is going to download dependencies at compiling time.

And… that’s all. Include it in your project and you will be ready to start using JGlobalDateTime.

Is there any example

Sure. You have one in the source code tree, at «src/main/java/com/manolodominguez/jglobaldatetime/example/JGlobalDateTimeExample.java» (cannot be linked from outside GitHub). Also you can read this post (Spanish) that will help you to start.

Don’t you have enough?

If you need, for instance:

  • The project source code.
  • Information about the license of each JGlobalDateTime version.
  • To download older versions.
  • Information to contribute.
  • A place to send your comments, file a bug.
  • Etc.

Do not hesitate to visit the Project repository in GitHub.